• A talk with Feel Good Swing

      Feel Good Swing is a dance school based in Turin established by Chiara Silvestro and Alessandro Rossi. They offer classes and workshops, organizing also evenings devoted to the 20s, 30s and 40s Afro-American dances: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz Roots and Blues.   How did you approach dancing and why Swing and Lindy Hop in… View Article


        Last week I met for the very first time a boy who plays the role of a drag queen. I was a little bit intimidated and excited at the same time because I’ve never speak before with a person who enjoys transform himself.   If you remember, the main theme this week is… View Article


  • A talk with The Sweet Life Society

      The Sweet Life Society is a band born in 2009 in Turin, Italy. Their heart beats to the rhythm of Electroswing: electronic sonority mixed to vintage swing and jazz.   Let me introduce you to Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini, The sweet Life Society.       1) How The Sweet Life Society was born?… View Article

  • Confessions of a polyhedric actor

      Gianluca Da Lio: actor, formator, 28 years old, Venetian. Aspiring anthropologist, professional dreamer, tireless optimist.         When and how did you understand to be cut out for being an actor? Which are your studies?   You know, to the present I still not got it! Irony aside, it was on the… View Article


  • Breakfast for readers and listeners

      Imagine to be on a bus, checkin’ your Facebook, Instagram or whatever; the woman sitting next to you suddenly stands up and starts reading her book loudly. How would you react? When this actually happened in Milan on last Saturday people seemed to be positively astonished.   A group of readers of the Crescenzago… View Article

  • Persia influences Western catwalks

      If you appreciated the mandala architecture of Iran, you must take a look at this article on Persian fashion.   None knows how much Iranian culture is influencing the Western catwalks. Passing through the last scarf you bought at the vintage market for just 2 pounds, to then ending in Vogue. If you pay… View Article

  • Social awareness ‘n art installations

      Coachella. The place and time where music and art melt together offering a 360° artistic experience. OK, music may be the heart of the festival, but art has also a very important role though – and makes things always prettier. On the first two days of the 2015’s edition a giant illuminated caterpillar roamed… View Article

  • Paintings on butterfly wings

      Cristiam Ramos decided that “Oil on canvas wasn’t enough for his artworks -too boring- so he started using “Oil on butterfly”.   Cristiam is a Mexican artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. He paints famous artworks on butterfly wings using a magnifying glass to study each detail of these little bugs. He needs around 56 hours for… View Article