That’s the Louis Vuitton yacht!


Fendi, Gucci, Valentino, Chanel… Important names in the fashion world that work to make beautiful clothes and shoes that everyone wants to have in their shelves. But what’s the real world behind these big personalities? Maybe you don’t know, but a lot of people work for these famous brands, even in business areas that you’ve never thought existed.

One of those is our friend Edoardo, called “Edo” for friends and family, employee in a quite big company that handle yacht services.

Last weekend we stalked Edoardo up to Antibes in Cote d’Azur, because he had to refueling nothing less than the Louis Vuitton yacht.


antibesPort Vauban, via Panoramio





After a party and a sleepless night, an unbelievable alarm clock rang at 7:30 a.m. and, already in late, we ran toward Antibes, where Edo’s boss was waiting for us. Before starting the job, we allowed ourselves a breakfast with a cappuccino and a typical pain au chocolat and we immediately understood that Cote d’ Azur is expensive (really expensive), and hot croissants are expensive (really expensive)… 35 Euro!


We came back at the harbor and while the other guys were waiting the gasoil trucks, we started to walk on the dock with elegance, hoping that the gentle Louis noticed and invited us for lunch on board.


Finally, as a Swiss clock, at 8:25 a.m. the trucks arrived and started to transfer 120.000 liters of gasoil into the yacht tank. Under the harsh French sun, where only rich people don’t sweat, Edoardo and his colleague started to promote the H&H company. Their ungrateful work consisted in ringing all the yatch bells promoting their business industry and trying to tell the Captains how the company is cool and efficient.

Maybe Luis Vuitton is a sleepyhead, so in the meantime we decided to go to the beach to get a tan to be beautiful for him and all his guests waiting for us (in our unrealistic, magic, fantastic mind trip) .


Six hours late, our friend – having finished his work – joined us at the beach, but the job wasn’t finished. After  few minutes Edoardo received a call from his boss. A little commission for him: a short journey (two days and a half) in Miami… Just around the corner! Another famous stylist needs a pressure valve to please himself with air conditioning, to bear the hot days in Caraibi harbor. Fortunately Edo hadn’t his passport with him, and so he succeeded in coming across the crazy order.

We were shocked by this request, but Edoardo told us that similar orders are common in his agenda. For example the week earlier he drove for 600 kilometers just to buy six bottles of precious wine for a rich English man.

At 5:30 p.m. with no calls received from Louis, we succumbed that he wasn’t at home that day and we started our trip back to Italy.


The important lesson we take out from this journey is that there are a lot of guys, men, women that work for rich people’s passing fancy whit an helicopter parking at the top of the yatch, while for us a red Fiat 500 and a baguette as a souvenir are enough! Maybe it’s not so hard for us to be happy!




Jessica Stella, Carolina Vecchi