iSteef, the artist who draws on bananas

What makes you an artist, it isn’t only a particular ability to paint a landscape or to sculpt a perfect human face. An artist is someone who has a different idea, that could be a brilliant idea but also a very simple one. Who has ever played with the peel of the mandarin, cutting it up in smaller and smaller pieces, or carving a visage as with a pumpkin? Well, if you never do that, you’ve missed the chance to be an artist.

Stephan Brusche, in art ISteef, was in the kitchen, he had a banana and a ballpoint pen and he decided to draw on the banana, for fun, to pass the time. And that is how Fruitdoodles was born.





Why of all the fruits, did you choose the banana?

“I accidentally started fruitdoodling on a banana and was surpised how smooth a ballpoint pen flows on the banana peel. Its a really pleasant process. Every now and then I use other fruits, but the banana is still my favourite. Beside the excellent peel to draw on it has a original and inspiring shape (most other fruits are just round) and a cheerful colour!”


He started for fun, and now he has more than 41 thousands followers on Instagram.

Lots of different people like his art because it’s simple, and ISteff is able to create artworks for everyone:


cinema lovers,








art lovers,


and musicians.



Between the hundreds Fruitdoodles that you realized, which is your favourite?

“The fish bone one, that was a turning point for me. Because when that fruitdoodle got a feature on a big art account on Instagram it made me realize that my fruitdoodles had a lot of potential.So I started putting even more time and effort in them from that point onward.”




Is there something you still haven’t been able to realize? Or maybe something impossible to realize with a banana?

“There are a few art works I still want to do. A Picasso painting, not sure yet which one and Girl with a Pearl Earring from Vermeer. I haven’t found a good enough idea to honour the original.”


So if you want to know how a Picasso could it be on a banana, you have nothing to do but follow Stephan Brusche, Alias ISteef, on Instagram ( or on Facebook (


Valentina Pizzi


Images: photographs by Stephan Brusche.