To be in Woodstock, but eating better


Et voila’, just for you, an interview with Elena – a staff member of the BALLA CON I CINGHIALI Festival (Translation: “Dance with the boars” Festival). Read this fantastic article to discover what it is and – why not? – to participate next year!



E: Balla con i cinghiali is a festival that takes inspiration from big festivals – both american and european – with a particular strenght: moving from big cities or great locations, to the rural and mountain context. During these days everyone can take part to a big, artistic and cultural laboratory an plein air: you can dance, paint, listen to good music, participate at live performances, go to the theatre or watch a film. We are an Italian festival, so we can’t forget about food! Every year we select healthy and high quality food. However our claim is “TO BE LIKE IN WOODSTOCK, BUT EATING BETTER“.




J: Which are the main features and values of this Festival?

E: Promoting art, music, culture, good food, sharing experience and environmental sustainability.


J: Can you tell me why and how this festival was born? And which were the essentials you needed at the beginning to create a festival like this?

E: Balla coi cinghiali was born in 2002, in Bardineto, a small village in the mountain side of Liguria, with less than 700 inhabitants Three friends were looking for a place to play their own music and they were not able to find it, so they decided to create a cultural event for people who like live music. Now we changed location and we are a noprofit society with 30 effective members.

J: From the beginning of your adventure to now, you changed location two or three times, and every time you have chosen very small villages in Northern Italy, out from the touristical range. Why?

E: The winning key factor of our festival was exactly to choose small villages in the mountain side; for this reason the media defined our festival “the Italian Woodstock”. Nowadays it is an important point of success. Both Bardineto and Vinadio are two kinds of a really particular environment, perfect for a total experience.




J: I read that in Bardineto you had some troubles with the municipality. Of course I don’t want to know the real problems you had, but I am curious and fascinated to know how difficult it is to organize such an event and try to all get along in these small villages.

E: A festival like this is able to revolt an entire village and for this reason the relationship with  the municipalities sometimes are very complicated. We know that for a good result of a festival it is essential to have an agreement with all the people involved in municipality, so we try to talk and organize everything without creating troubles and disappointment.

J: Which is the reaction of the inhabitants?

E: Of course, someone do not totally agree with us because there is a lot of people going around and noising all night long, but the economic and social impact is very strong. So they complain but then they are happy!!


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