Last week I met for the very first time a boy who plays the role of a drag queen. I was a little bit intimidated and excited at the same time because I’ve never speak before with a person who enjoys transform himself.


If you remember, the main theme this week is Apollo and Daphne, a sad mythological love story where a woman changes her appeareance, becaming a tree to escape from Apollo. Nowadays we can say that Daphne changed her body and became a drag queen to run away from reality.


Let’s start. Tell me something about yourself.

I am Mario (fantasy name) and I am from Puglia in the South of Italy. I moved seven years ago and now I live in Turin where I have a boyfriend and a great job that I love. I work in public administration and for this reason I need to ask you to keep my identity hidden.



Can you tell me when and why you started to act as a drag queen?

When I was younger I had a boyfriend that loved to be a drag queen. Of course, every evening I followed him in the night clubs to assist at his performance. My feelings were not that good, I was very afraid and disgusted from this world. Usually I stayed alone and avoided to watch the show. Really, I didn’t liked drag queens and I could not understand why my boyfriend wanted to play that stupid and vulgar role.



After ten years, and my relocation, I started to attend a famous event in Turin, the Queever, every Sunday with my new boyfriend who is a dancer; there I discovered my desire to try to change my body and transform myself into a gaudy woman. Just to have fun.


O an evening an affirmed drag queen got sick and the show staff needed a figure to replace her, they asked to me and I accepted! For the first time I represented the role of Ursula from The Little Mermaid cartoon (my favorite one!) and it was a fantastic sensation!



But I am still an emergent drag queen, I dressed up myself only four times!





We can say that you liked this transformation! What is your stage name and your character?

Yes, definitely! I really like to be a woman! I looked for a nickname for a long time and now I choosed mine: MOANACHERIE. Every drag has her own personal character and personality so I needed to decide the right one for me. I thought about my origins so the perfect character for me is the rural woman, pushover and candid. Did you know Susan Mayer, from Desperate Housewife? I want to be her!



Where did you learn to make up your face? And who helps you in the sewing of the dresses?

Do you believe that my biggest helper is… my mother?!?! I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and they accept my decision and help me in my stage costume. My mother, especially, sews all my dresses and send them to me, from Puglia to Piedmont! I have a dear friend, she is a seamstress and she help me with the evening dresses in Turin.

Let’s talk about make up! Well, I have learnt by myself with the help of some YouTube tutorials. I spent a lot of money for special eyeliners, lipsticks ad foundation creams.  To have a complete maquillage I need three or four hours of work.



Does your boyfriend likes you as Monacherie? And do you like youself as a woman?

Ahaha. Initially no. He liked me as a boy and to see me as a woman was a strong impact for him. Now it is different, we laugh and we have fun together. Sometimes he helps me with the costumes and maquillage but he prefers me as Mario (fantasy name) and not as Mona.


I really love to transform myself but I don’t want this game to become a real job. Monacherie is just an alter ego of Mario and it must to stay it.



I drag because I can wear a mask and I can be myself. I have a lot of different personalities and I love each one of me. It is perfect to have the occasions to make up my face and to be kind, airhead and graceful.  I never feel my person as a woman, but it is funny. And, of course, it is not a sexual reason. I am a man who loves men, it means, you know… I like cocks. And have strong sex. I go crazy for blow-jobs! I think to be more seductive as Mario and not in the role of a drag queen.



Do you have ambitions as a drag queen or not?

No! I am interested in working at Queever events because I feel like home. This place is a big family and I have a lot of friends to have fun with as a drag queen. Of course, I would like to play my woman character during the shows in this disco, but not outside of it. I have no ambitions, remember that for me, above all, Monacherie is a game. In addition, the drag world is not an easy one. As the life of an actor, it is hard to find the success and the boys are really bitchy competitive.



Mario offered me the lunch, telling me “I am a drag queen, but I am still a Gentleman!”.

I definitely love him. Or her. I am confused now.

Jessica Stella