A talk with The Sweet Life Society


The Sweet Life Society is a band born in 2009 in Turin, Italy. Their heart beats to the rhythm of Electroswing: electronic sonority mixed to vintage swing and jazz.


Let me introduce you to Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini, The sweet Life Society.




1) How The Sweet Life Society was born?


The same as all things. Through love, sweat, togetherness and finally intense labour. Actually the Sweetlife continues to be a labour of love. We’ve spent countless hours with the project the same as you would with any act of creation, working tireless long hours to meet the needs of the music culture surrounding us and cultivating channels to throw down across Europe.



2) Why have you chosen the electroswing? It is not a so popular genre!


Well, there were a number of other artists who contributed to the original inspiration. We actually didn’t really choose our genre we simply followed our vibes and crossed many genres in the process including, Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae, Drum and Bass, Jazz, and Swing. We were also deeply inspired by a way of life like that of Louis Armstrong. This is not just about music…it’s a way of life.



3) You were able to conquer a young public, too. Did you expect it?


As well as being producers we are promoters. Swing Circus is our monthly event that we organize here in Turin as well as Milan, Genova, and Barcelona starting next April. Swing Circus is a container where we take our inspirations from many European festivals and bring it home here to Italy. We book guest performers from across the continent. The event has gained a following of thousands of the younger generation which is totally refreshing because Swing Circus is not a commercial event, At the same time the music shared at Swing Circus is a reflection of what our audience is responding positively too. So, Swing Circus is an event that is largely fuelled by our community.




4) Electroswing is definitely a dinamic kind of music. You always succeed in being at your best? What about a concert on a bad day?


All of our band mates are talented musicians. We tour in and through all kinds of circumstances and everyone shows up on stage and gives it their all. We (The Sweetlife) could not ask more of the team. It’s not always simple being on the road. There are many aspects of it that can present challenges to a group but- we stick together like a family and so, arrive on top. It’s certainly a great boost when we’re well received by the crowd and share big energy however, it’s impossible for that to always happen… which is what makes it so special.



5) You’ve also given concerts abroad: United States, Canada, England. In which country the electroswing is more appreciated?

UK for sure.



6) According to you, why the interest for this kind of music is growing up?


Electro-swing is a mixture of many different styles of music in one energetic fusion. The multitude of facets the sound has space for is really dynamic and gives so much room for the producer, as well as the listener to get really involved. Its variations are often playful and lend an optimal atmosphere for crowns to shake the floor together. The Sweetlife have witnessed so many occasions where Electro-swing brought people together in a positive way. That’s probably a massive aim for any style or sound of music- regardless of genre.



To know more about Sweetlife and their news, visit their website or their facebook page.

And above all listen their music on youtube!



Valentina Pizzi