Instagram bans innocent fruits


Can half orange look like a vagina?

Can touching a papaya look similar to caressing a pussy?

For the entire word of Instagram, yes. Sufficiently to disable Stephanie Sarley‘s profile.

Sarley, 27, is an illustrator, printmaker, and video artist whose work is inspired by fruits and sexuality. Her background is rich of experience in different art fields: sculpture, tattoo, photography and digital animation, but she became very famous for her viral videos on sexual allusions, being bannned from the social network Instagram.


To be honest, her videos and photos are only representing some fruit and a finger touching it. But – as always – our perverse minds associate the visual stimuli into erotic acts, so this is how it happened.

Her artworks remind a sensual and passionate masturbation, and maybe some of you are too puritane to watch a finger entering the heart of a strawberry. In the meantime you could also be too embarrassed to accept her kind of art, and maybe she is just laughing at your back.

Could be this inconscious associations – between fruit and vagina – the reasult of a sex-based culture?










Jessica Stella




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