The surrealistic photos of Erik Johansson


Can be the 20’s French Surrealism still exist in the digital era?

We’ve already talked about The Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney, but there are also some photographers who try to heavily manipulate the reality.


One of the best is Erik Johansson, as you can clearly see!



Erik is a young artist born in Sweden in 1985. For each artwork, he manipulates tens or hundreds of images, to then create new amazing landscapes.

Starting from photographs, the result could look real – but not realistic: real sceneries, objects and characters get recombined in a surrealistic way.


The ideas of Dalì, the constructions of Escher, the immediacy of Magritte, lots of hours on Photoshop… and voilà, there you have Erik Johansson!




Valentina Pizzi


Images by, all right reserved.