When look matters: design & junk food


Have you ever thought about the importance of a good packaging?

Dan Meth did it and, as a writer and illustrator, decided to prove his theory redesigning the packaging of all the junk food he used to love as a kid.


The US artist found that:

«Junk food is covered in bright colors and wacky cartoon mascots to attract children, while ‘hipster’ products feature antique fonts and touches of turn-of-the-century motifs.»

Therefore he reconsidered the fonts, the colour palette, and the imagery, showing that marketing actually plays a major role – the biggest one! – when it comes to purchases.


Apparently he succeeded in it – and I think the images below will prove it. If I hadn’t say anything, would you ever have guessed the truth?!





“Pay attention to what you buy” is Dan’s message, and I can’t blame him; the hipster makeover seems to work on anything.



Do you eat with your mouth or with your eyes?



Carolina Vecchi



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