GLU: no men allowed


No men allowed.


During the last week I thought a lot on Tamara de Lempicka and her chicks. There is one thing I really love about her: how fearless she was on her unclear sexuality and her touch of class in refusing sex with famous writers and painters – as she did with Gabriele D’Annunzio.



As you know, the majority of women she painted in her portraits were her bed lovers. Come on, how many of you have never thought to try a lesbian relationship, or – for the boys – who has never masturbated himself watching two girls having a good time on Pornhub?




Well, two scrappy women – Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero – from Amsterdam, in 2005 opened a no-profit magazine, GLU, to celebrate the freedom of lesbian people. And they do this work very very well.

After too many years of mainstream male homosexuality, it is time to open the doors to a magazine created by girls for girls too. No penis are allowed in this editorial, neither online and on print. All the web site is entirely dedicated to interviews, artists, politicians, writers – severely with a vagina.

It is focused on portraying creative outspoken women with a playful take on lesbian identity, showcasing women with compelling stories to tell, who transcended an artistic medium or a specific cultural scene.





Are you wondering on what GLU means? Well, it is the acronym of Girl Like Us. At the beginning they wanted to call this editorial Kutt (which in Dutch means ‘cunt’) because the guys who made the Butt magazine – Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom – are good friends of Jessica. Soon after they started Butt, one night they were having dinner together and they said, as a joke, that they should do a female version of Butt and call it Kutt – says Jessica during an interview. Then the two founders decided to give more maturity to the project, changing the name.


Opposite to what most of you is thinking, this is not a female pornographic magazine. It is a real good editorial with a lot of super interesting contents about art, culture, literature and famous or quite famous personalities from the lesbian word. Jessica and Kathrin have created the perfect (no profit) space for new girls that until not long ago were hiding in the society.





And they do that with a functional web site, an amazing printed journal, a wonderful design and photographies and sensational articles.

They do it in the name of free love and not for money (to maintain themselves they had another payed job). They do it because we are women and we must express ourselves without shame, even if we prefer licking a pussy rather than a cock.






Jessica Stella