Sex, Drugs and D’Annunzio


If you grew up with the mantra of never judging a book from its cover, remember to apply it also to your Tinder fellows ‘cause the short delicate guy you may be looking at, could be an exaggerate sex master.
Some sizes don’t matter after all and is definitely proof of this a great Italian poet/novelist/aviator/national hero/tombeur de femmes, who lived from 1863 to 1938: Gabriele D’Annunzio, Prince of Montenevoso.



As you can see, the size problem wasn’t in his genitalia, but in his height: he was 1.64 m (5’ 6”) tall.

Nevertheless, the list of women he had counts more than 1000 pussies.




All the women of the time were crazy for that small, bald, depraved man due to that air of mystery he had in his alluring manners, whispering seductive voice, fame and wide knowledge in the carnal practices.


Among all his conquests features also the American painter Romaine Brooks and the young sensual Polish painter Tamara De Lempicka [link] – both with an explicit preference for women and unexpectedly captured by Gabriele’s charm.

With the last – who however left him high and dry – they met each other in Italy twice, respectively in 1925 and in 1927. The last encounter, begged by the poet, was officially “to have a portrait”, in reality to set the bed on fire. Obviously Tamara twigged the real intentions of D’Annunzio and for some reason seemed to give in, staying for a time at the Vittoriale, the magnificent residence of the poet. They both had some passions in common: aesthetic pleasure, art, cocaine and sex. Once there she understood that maybe the “old dwarf in uniform” (as she called him) was too much for her, so she decided to not go any further than some petting. A real pity since their written correspondence looked promising:


Do you want me to stop also by you? I would be happy to, and you? I send you, mon frère, all my thoughts, the good and the lascivious ones, the mad and the ones that make me suffer.

– Tamara De Lempicka



You are not a lady, you are only a bitch. Anyway, a classy bitch I must admit.

– Gabriele D’Annunzio



The epicurean pleasure was a vital need for Gabriele – as demostrated by the 24h orgies session he still had at 70. I won’t be surprised at all to find out that to create Les Onze Mille Verges’s character of Prince Vibescu Mony, Guillaume Apollinaire took inspiration from the vates and the rumours around his figure: two ribs removed to give himself fellatio on his own behalf, coprophagy, golden showers, sadism, interest in the youngest, interest in siblings, etc. (Christian Grey go cry in a corner, please)


Besides composing, dreaming, a Snow White snuff and another (especially at breakfast, served by Emilia, one his maids), our Übermensch was used to host countless women to satisfy his sexual hunger at his residence – building kinds of actual accommodations for the special guests.

Of course, the main ladies that were living with him – due to their roles – suffered as hell to see their master having serious fun with hundreds of rivals. Anyway, these resident ladies of the harem had severe benefits, like being the favourites and receiving nicknames. Example: Amélie Mazoyer, the most jealous but sympathetic, who once was a servant to then become a fav, conquered the name of Aélis – which in French means propeller/helix – for the great oral  abilities she had.



You may be surprised to know that D’Annunzio also designed his own dandy clothes and shoes – and of course everything had a noble purpose:




On the right: Leather shoes decorated with a penis and balls motif on the top


On the left: A collection of nightdresses with a hole in front for his penis.
In his 60s he started to wear these sex robes as a compromise since he could not accept to show and see his physical decay but he still wanted to satisfy his natural instinct.
A master also in problem solving.







Alessandra Sciarrino

Featured image via BBC