No space for culture at the grocery



Today I feel scoldy. I want to criticize how culture turns into consumerism.



Can you imagine a Liberty building converted into a supermarket? Can you imagine that this happened in the old town centre of Venice?



Teatro Italia is the name of this important neo-Gothic palace. At the beginning it was a theatre, then a cinema and now a temple for organic, vegan and macrobiotic food.
Of course all the inhabitants of Venice are against this mess since another part of the Venetian heart is teared off from the citizens to give it to a bigger business man in Italy.



They spent two zillions to restore the building, but who cares if someone buys bread in a cellar or in a wonderful piece of art? None pays attention to the magnificence of that place, to its frescos and to the marvellous balustrade, that now are a storage for shopping cart.



Do we really need another multinational corporation or a little bit more of culture?








Jessica Stella