The Museum of Non-visible Art


Artists are always scared about not being original and they fear that their artworks could be considered copies of something already seen before.

Contemporary art tries always to overcome this step, even to the detriment of the technique: an artwork is original if its idea and concept are new, but the realisation doesn’t matter. It’s something like: “I had the idea. Maybe you are able to make this too. But it’s too late: I did it first“.


The Museum of non-visible art is based on this concept: show and sell the ideas of the artworks.

What does it mean? This is an example:



This piece of paper isn’t the artwork, it is just its description. You have to imagine it: it could be a painting, a sculpture, an installation… whatever you want.

“In essence, the art work itself is what the viewer sees in their mind.”



The project started in 2011 on Kickstarter where it reached quickly the amount to start it. The crazy and brilliant creators are the duo-artist Praxis and the American actor James Franco.

Their gallery is in New York, but you can also “see” the artworks on the website and buy it! One thing is for sure: you will be the only owner and nobody will have a copy of your piece of art… Could this be a solution for fake art?


Give a look at their Rules to really understand their idea:


Valentina Pizzi