An unexpected world & side of Iran


Kaleidoscopic, magic, colourful. Totally amazing, Iranian architecture is an explosion of geometric shapes.

To the origins, Persian architects did’t wanted to have too beautiful mosques: they were simple and similar to an open space. This happened just because they haven’t clear indications on the will of the Prophet for their place of worship.


But, one lucky day, some Arabs discovered Persian perfection and refinement so then they’ve stolen some ideas, that today make great the Iranian one.  Similar to the situation between Protestant and Catholic people in Europe, not everybody were happy to this change of architecture, plenty of shapes, colours and magnificence.

To celebrate Spring this week, we had chose an artistic installation of Damien Hirst: In and Out of Love. To celebrate this change of mind and climate, we wrote about this strange and hidden type of buildings and decorations – also to wish all the best to the Iranian fellows for their New Year.

If you have the pride to visit an Iranian mosque you will be astonished. Maybe you’ll think that you had smoked too many grammes of opium, but no! Everything is real!

All the geometric shapes haven’t only an aestethic function, but there are the reflection of the deep philosophy and thoughts around them. Three are cycling figures: the square represent the Earth which in turn generates the cube, while the circles are where the heavens are born.


All the walls are plenty of different colours and floral decorations and this is a technique called hazarbaz, which means “to one millions of waves”. See these pictures to understand it.




As we said before, it is not so easy to enter and take pictures in these places, because they are spaces for rituals and worships. But, fortunately, a northern Iranian student Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji has recently documented the existence of these intricate structures in Iran with gorgeous HDR photographs.




So, what I have shown you today is a real and spectacular type of mandala. So, come on! Stop buying stupid and fashionable mandala books to “fight” stress, and buy a fly ticket to Iran.








Jessica Stella





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