Butterfly models with Gaultier


We have often talked about how great stylists take their insipiration from the art world. But this time it wasn’t so easy to find a fashion collection based on  In and out of love  by Damien Hirst, maybe beacuse nobody wants to splatter dead butterfly on a dress… So we have chosen a more elegant solution: a stylist who transformed his models into butterfly.


I’m talking about Jean-Paul Gaultier and his 2014 Spring – Summer collection. This fashion show was long-awaited because sometimes he enjoys to create surprises for his public, making run the catwalk also to famous and influencing people… and this time he exceeded the expectations with a grand finale: the queen of burlesque, Dita von Teese.



The whole collection is inspired by the Twenties in Paris and by the world of Burlesque: feather boas, hats with feathers, fringed dresses, bright colors, plunging necklines…

Moreover, the models had to wear a detail refered to  les papillons: a hat decorated with butterflies, a winged jacket, some printed dresses. Lots of colours and contrasts to recall Spring, the flowers and the butterflies; but also some dark outfit for the evening, inspiring by the moths – the night-butterflies. To some lucky models Jean Paul offered the chance of becoming a butterfly for a day, wearing dresses made with their colours and shapes, elevating their elegance.




But the award for the best dress of the collection goes to the one worn by Dita von Teese. Jean Paul Gaultier said:


«Dita is the perfect butterfly because she has the forms of a butterfly.»


And indeed Dita has nothing to envy to any parisien model with her perfect hourglass body! Gaultier emphasises her forms (curves) by applying fabric wings starting from her breast to end at her shoulders, to then defining her waist line with a very tight corset. Also the hips are decorated with blue and black wings, colours used for the whole outfit. Like during her shows, she has a  retro  hairstyle, a red lipstick and a ribboned headdress filled with feathers. She made her runway under the eyes of everyone’s surprise, and then Jean Paul Gaultier reached her on the catwalk to close the wonderful fashion show.






Valentina Pizzi




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