Paintings on butterfly wings


Cristiam Ramos decided that “Oil on canvas wasn’t enough for his artworks -too boring- so he started using “Oil on butterfly”.


Cristiam is a Mexican artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. He paints famous artworks on butterfly wings using a magnifying glass to study each detail of these little bugs. He needs around 56 hours for each wing!




“In each butterfly I painted the most famous and works considered masterpieces, because I believe that butterflies are part of nature, which is God’s creation and the most beautiful work of art that exists.”


While looking at him painting in this video, I’m torn between a feeling of complete calm and quietness, and moments of panic like: “Pay attention! You could break it!”




Cristiam won lots of awards for this weird tecnique, but I suggest you to take a look to his website because butterflies aren’t the strangest thing he does (a hint: sweet candy and toothpaste)…




Valentina Pizzi