Social awareness ‘n art installations


Coachella. The place and time where music and art melt together offering a 360° artistic experience. OK, music may be the heart of the festival, but art has also a very important role though – and makes things always prettier.
On the first two days of the 2015’s edition a giant illuminated caterpillar roamed across the festival’s ground – YES a huge yellow/white ‘n black larva moving on its own offering some shadow to the “poor” gals who needed some refrigeration.




On the third (and last) day it was gone and you know what? It was part of the show, ‘cause instead of it there was a wonderful and colourful jumbo butterfly!




There’s no need to say that the installations, called Caterpillar’s Longing or Papilio Merraculous and Desiderium Eruca, are a clear recall to the concept of metamorphosis and transformation – and we could say: we may born ugly and clumsy, but in the end we all can become marvellous.

Anyway there’s something deeper than this: this project was supposed to bring awareness to the declining population of the Monarch butterflies since every year 1.5 million acres of their habitat are destroyed.
(If you want to contribute in their preservation just know that you can do it by planting milkweed and nectar plants in your garden)


The minds responsible of this installations are Poetic Kinetics, a collective specialized in large-scale art installations and experiential design, based in LA, who uses load of creativity and various materials and technologies to provide unique artistic experiences.



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Alessandra Sciarrino




Pictures rights of Poetic Kinetics