Persia influences Western catwalks


If you appreciated the mandala architecture of Iran, you must take a look at this article on Persian fashion.


None knows how much Iranian culture is influencing the Western catwalks.

Passing through the last scarf you bought at the vintage market for just 2 pounds, to then ending in Vogue. If you pay the right attention you will discover that Givenchy, Hèrmes and Maison Martin Margiela use Persian motif for they clothes.






Maison Martin Margiela



Even if Donald Trump wants to ban all the Muslim people from America and use the strong distinction “us” and “them”, Western countries are seduced by East culture and coolness since the Sixties. For example: Italian Etro used paisley pattern since 1968, but who knew that this pattern symbolized Iran following an Arabic invasion?!



And, again, Marilyn Monroe? How about marabou high-heeled slippers on her feet?

Now, you know who to thank at!



Jessica Stella


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