Breakfast for readers and listeners


Imagine to be on a bus, checkin’ your Facebook, Instagram or whatever; the woman sitting next to you suddenly stands up and starts reading her book loudly. How would you react?

When this actually happened in Milan on last Saturday people seemed to be positively astonished.


A group of readers of the Crescenzago library gave birth to the first “Guerrilla reading”, whose aim is to distract the passengers from their silly smartphones grabbing their attention with pages too often forgotten. The action went on for a couple of hours and involved a dozen volounteers, not just readers but also supporters and people who just wanted to film the scene.



It all starts with an idea of the municipality, in collaboration with the School of Theatre of Palazzo Grassi and the cultural association “Sustainable Reading” (Letteratura Rinnovabile), that organized classes in order to form the readers who offered themselves for public reading such as these.


The scene is definitely charming: I know I speak as a literature-geek but what’s sweeter than someone telling you a story? It’s definitely something that bring us back to our childhood, but also a way to start the day with another, creative, open-minded spirit – all things that you can definitely get by literature.



People in Milan seemed pretty excited too: in less than a week more than 2000 responded to the announce of the municipality, which was looking for 150 new volounteers. I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of things that make my day.


Good weekend and – who knows? – tomorrow you may find someone on your bus.

“Coffee with a dash of story” will be, from now on, my choice for breakfast.






Carolina Vecchi