• A talk with The Sweet Life Society

      The Sweet Life Society is a band born in 2009 in Turin, Italy. Their heart beats to the rhythm of Electroswing: electronic sonority mixed to vintage swing and jazz.   Let me introduce you to Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini, The sweet Life Society.       1) How The Sweet Life Society was born?… View Article

  • Confessions of a polyhedric actor

      Gianluca Da Lio: actor, formator, 28 years old, Venetian. Aspiring anthropologist, professional dreamer, tireless optimist.         When and how did you understand to be cut out for being an actor? Which are your studies?   You know, to the present I still not got it! Irony aside, it was on the… View Article

  • Lastanzadigreta: re-imagining music

      Talking about the reuse in the art and culture fields, we cannot miss to mention the reuse of objects, but we found a peculiar way of doing it – even better – lastanzadigreta did it! A band able to generate music starting from whichever instrument.   They will launch the first album “Creature Selavagge“,… View Article

  • Interview with the sorcerer

      Mauro Cortese, was born in Calabria – Italy, on August 15th 1984. Calabria introduced him to his preparation to becoming a spiritual soul. This Land offers the sea, the mountains and a “school” made of women.   <<My mother and my grandmother taught me to comprehend, not only the respect toward the people, but… View Article

  • A talk with Truly Design

      For many years I lived in Turin and I followed several art shows from Truly Design. Now, since I have an independent magazine, I can interview them. I am so happy and they are really nice!     J: Outline briefly who Truly Design are and what they do.   TD: Truly Design owes… View Article

  • What it really looked like to be an Ancient Roman: a talk with a Domina

      As many of you may now this week will be released the remake of a historical colossal: Ben-Hur. If you are a lil bit cultured (or you grandparents and parents have a great taste in cinema) you know exactly what I am talking about. Since sometimes we have a blurry idea of what the… View Article

  • Afrikaburn: the man is burning not only in Nevada

    There is a wonderful festival in South Africa, called Afrikaburn. Did you know this? An interview with Travis, a staff member, so cool! After many weeks where every media talked about the famous and very big festival “The Burning Man” in the Nevada desert, we want to change and talk about another interesting festival in… View Article

  • Mathilde Penault, french photo-model

    Several newspapers (including us) have talked about the spectacular Fendi fashion show at the Trevi Fountain. There has been talk of the Fendi anniversary, of the outfits, of Rome and of the plexy glass catwalk – but very few talked about the models (except for the over buzzed Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid). It is… View Article

  • iSteef, the artist who draws on bananas

    What makes you an artist, it isn’t only a particular ability to paint a landscape or to sculpt a perfect human face. An artist is someone who has a different idea, that could be a brilliant idea but also a very simple one. Who has ever played with the peel of the mandarin, cutting it… View Article