• Breakfast for readers and listeners

      Imagine to be on a bus, checkin’ your Facebook, Instagram or whatever; the woman sitting next to you suddenly stands up and starts reading her book loudly. How would you react? When this actually happened in Milan on last Saturday people seemed to be positively astonished.   A group of readers of the Crescenzago… View Article

  • Persia influences Western catwalks

      If you appreciated the mandala architecture of Iran, you must take a look at this article on Persian fashion.   None knows how much Iranian culture is influencing the Western catwalks. Passing through the last scarf you bought at the vintage market for just 2 pounds, to then ending in Vogue. If you pay… View Article

  • Social awareness ‘n art installations

      Coachella. The place and time where music and art melt together offering a 360° artistic experience. OK, music may be the heart of the festival, but art has also a very important role though – and makes things always prettier. On the first two days of the 2015’s edition a giant illuminated caterpillar roamed… View Article

  • Paintings on butterfly wings

      Cristiam Ramos decided that “Oil on canvas wasn’t enough for his artworks -too boring- so he started using “Oil on butterfly”.   Cristiam is a Mexican artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. He paints famous artworks on butterfly wings using a magnifying glass to study each detail of these little bugs. He needs around 56 hours for… View Article

  • The Museum of Non-visible Art

      Artists are always scared about not being original and they fear that their artworks could be considered copies of something already seen before. Contemporary art tries always to overcome this step, even to the detriment of the technique: an artwork is original if its idea and concept are new, but the realisation doesn’t matter. It’s something like: “I… View Article

  • No space for culture at the grocery

        Today I feel scoldy. I want to criticize how culture turns into consumerism.     Can you imagine a Liberty building converted into a supermarket? Can you imagine that this happened in the old town centre of Venice?     Teatro Italia is the name of this important neo-Gothic palace. At the beginning it… View Article

  • Skirt Club: only girls allowed

      Sometimes we all do have sexual crisis: we’d like to try something new, to explore more ourselves or just have fun with strangers safely. It is also no secret that lots of heterosexual girls have a latent desire of enjoying a sapphic experience – like Tamara De Lempicka used to – but sometimes the… View Article

  • When look matters: design & junk food

      Have you ever thought about the importance of a good packaging? Dan Meth did it and, as a writer and illustrator, decided to prove his theory redesigning the packaging of all the junk food he used to love as a kid.   The US artist found that: «Junk food is covered in bright colors… View Article

  • The surrealistic photos of Erik Johansson

      Can be the 20’s French Surrealism still exist in the digital era? We’ve already talked about The Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney, but there are also some photographers who try to heavily manipulate the reality.   One of the best is Erik Johansson, as you can clearly see!     Erik is a young artist born… View Article

  • Instagram bans innocent fruits

      Can half orange look like a vagina? Can touching a papaya look similar to caressing a pussy? For the entire word of Instagram, yes. Sufficiently to disable Stephanie Sarley‘s profile. Sarley, 27, is an illustrator, printmaker, and video artist whose work is inspired by fruits and sexuality. Her background is rich of experience in… View Article