• LA’s Museum of Broken Relationships

      It’s been 6 days since Valentine’s Day and you already broke up with your beloved? Instead of staying here drowning your sorrows in the alcohol and projecting to burn all the things that might reminding you him/her, STOP and relax. There is a place for all that sappy things that make you want to… View Article

  • High and bored? Paint with pot

      By smoking marijuana you start to feel quite visionary, this is sure, but would you be able to actually create something? Fernando de La Rocque did it.     The artist creates his artworks by blowing cannabis smoke onto precut stencils; he called the series Blow Job – and double entendre apart is pretty… View Article

  • The artist picturing VIPs at the WC

      “Being famous doesn’t mean anything. They’re people like us.” This is the typical sentence a normal person needs to repeat himself in order to do not envy too much the VIPs – spiraling into depression thinking about his ordinary life.   Well, the Italian artist Cristina Guggeri wants to help you – the normal… View Article

  • Trainspotting was a rave

      If there is something in which NØRA’s members are well-skilled is to miss the coolest events going around in Europe. This was the time of the most wonderful night in Berlin: Boiler Room hosted the Trainspotting II rave party.     After too many years, we are ready to go to the cinema to… View Article

  • Alice in, at the toilet

      Thousands are the theories and interpretations that through the ages hit Alice in Wonderland: LSD trips, craziness, rhetorical figures, etc. but the core thing of everything is:   escaping reality to join an another dimension.   In 2015 the National Theatre took it literally and killing any boring stereotype reinvented the concept of musical,… View Article

  • The MoMA stands for freedom

      You may be bored of hearing stories about the well-known yellow parrot Donald Trump but – let’s be honest – some arguments just can’t be avoided.   Without spending too many words on what I personally think about this President – I could be definitely vulgar – I’d like to give some credit to… View Article

  • WC for everyone: A museum of toilets

      It’s important to know the story of our civilitation; for this reason we need museums and their collections. And which is that stuff that has always been part of our lives and cultures?   Voilà the Museum of toilets! It opened in 1992 in New Delhi, India, with a collection of toilets from 2500 B.C…. View Article

  • Blasphemous or brilliant?

      Brilliant is my opinion for this French artist that modifies the Virgin Mary statues, turning them into saintly pop icons such as My Little Pony, the Power Rangers or Super Mario Bros.   From Michelangelo to Dalì, a lot of artists tried to change the figure of the beloved female, but no one with… View Article

  • Fully ripe avocado portraits

      By the last ten years our kitchens have been invaded by an intense green pear shaped fruit that doesn’t tastes like pear: the avocado. Due to this new clean eating trend we all ended up to compulsively enjoy guacamole and whatever with that creamy green nectar spread over (only if we had the luck… View Article

  • When pornography meets naivety

        Can pornography be naive and innocent? Marion Fayolle, one of the best illustrators of the French panorama, said yes, with her pocket book “Les Coquins”. This book is not a sex manual but an heap of pureness, a childhood dream and a perfect way to sketch all the real sex and relationships things… View Article