• Creative menu for creative minds

      After the winter holidays we are all tired of talking about food, but the truth is that some dinners are better than others – or at least look more “well-finished”- and deserve a closer look.   Is has been years now since Wallpaper came out for the first time with its column Artist’s Palate,… View Article

  • Drugs for high self-portraits

      In 1995 Bryan Lewis Saunders started a project that will never be over: making a self-portrait every day for the rest of his life. But the aim isn’t to show how he gets older, like an anti-aging cream. He wants to express all the emotions and fears that everyone feels everyday.   Then he created some series to organise his… View Article

  • Miami Design District: creatives paradise

      After many drinks and carb crimes during these holidays, our tour around the artsy districts of Miami ends here – at least for now: we’ve seen the open sky luxury wonderland of the Faena District, the Art Deco Historic Districts with their picturesque buildings out of our best TV series, and last but not… View Article

  • A tour into the Louis Vuitton Foundation

        “Are you jealous?” is a painting realized in 1892 by Paul Gauguin and <<Yes>> my answer when I saw it at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.   Maybe you are wondering why, but you will easily get it after I will explain you what we are talking about. First of all “I’m… View Article

  • Da world’s biggest Street Art Museum

      Our couch-potato tour around the art immolated districts of Miami (if you missed the previous: Faoma District and Art Déco Historic Districts) continues and today’s stop will turn on the senses of the street art aficionados: welcome to the Wynwood Art District.   photo via   It is no secret that urban requalification and renovation… View Article

  • Volkatovicz presents Remschaid “Reagenwald“- SØVN

    K   Let’s start at the very beginning. Can you tell us how you got involved in composing?   The very beginning is long time ago… I was 11 years old when my mom gave me this old tape recorder and I was totally blessed by the technic and how some steel things made music… View Article

  • Stop w/ cats, we want the Calendhair

      If you don’t want to become one of the ones who every year gifts a calendar with sweet kittens or lovely babies on, I can suggest you something more original than that: The CALENDHAIR of Mike Wolfe. I’m sorry to inform you that we’re not talking about “hair”of the head, but of the back… Mike uses his… View Article

  • A greedy Xmas menu from the sixties

        Christmas is coming and every family is going crazy in order to decide the menu of that day. If you remember, our main theme this time was Andy Warhol and his Christmas cards made in the early sixties. To stay on topic, we offer you a great selection of dishes from the 1960’s (and… View Article

  • Lost in a Tropical Art Déco Paradise

      The second stop of our penniless tour of Miami Beach artsy districts is the Art Déco Historic District. If the brand-new poshy Faoma District was a contemporary art wonderland, this one will be the thrill up your spine if you’re:   • an Art Déco lover • a tropical style enthusiast • a Lana… View Article

  • This humor ain’t for everyone

        At this point is clear that NØRA has a little preference for vulgarity, unpolite artists and kitsch articles. For the new Coolwatcher we have found the best evil cartoonist from Iceland:  Hugleikur Dagsson. Don’t try to repeat his name, it is impossible.   Born in 1977, graduated in Fine Arts in Reykjavík, until now he… View Article