• M. Butterfly effect: Mr or Madame?

      If I say “M. Butterfly” your mind will immediately go to Puccini’s opera, but I won’t be talking about that. “M. Butterfly” in fact is the title David Henry Hwang used for his play in 1988 – the same play David Cronenberg  would have readapted ten years later.   What’s interesting? The odd story… View Article

  • The Mothman: jinx or talisman?

      Butterflies. When we think of these pretty winged creatures we all associate them to an ethereal rainbowy world filled with flowers and happiness, but did you know that they’re also damn duckin creepy? For example, the wonderful black and orange Monarchs are some kind of vampires ’cause they get nourishment from the blood of… View Article

  • An unexpected world & side of Iran

      Kaleidoscopic, magic, colourful. Totally amazing, Iranian architecture is an explosion of geometric shapes. To the origins, Persian architects did’t wanted to have too beautiful mosques: they were simple and similar to an open space. This happened just because they haven’t clear indications on the will of the Prophet for their place of worship.   But,… View Article

  • When Hirst played God w/ butterflies

      “In and Out of Love” is its title, and butterflies are everywhere. I’m talking about Damien Hirst’s installation, a piece which rouse more than a voice.   In 1991 the artist  took a room in Soho and organized his first solo exhibit. Butterfly pupae were glued on white canvasses; emerging batterflies flew around, sometimes… View Article

  • Butterfly models with Gaultier

      We have often talked about how great stylists take their insipiration from the art world. But this time it wasn’t so easy to find a fashion collection based on  In and out of love  by Damien Hirst, maybe beacuse nobody wants to splatter dead butterfly on a dress… So we have chosen a more elegant solution:… View Article

  • Tamara de Lempicka: a female Dandy

      We can’t start talking about Tamara with a standard beginning like: “Tamara de Lempicka was born in a town called… in the year in which…” because we don’t know for sure the city and the date of her birth. 1898 or 1902? Moscow or Warsaw? She claimed she was a Polish woman born in 1902, but… View Article

  • Tamara: painter and fashion icon

      Tamara de Lempicka is definitely known as one of the most famous female painter in contemporary art – one of those who changed history, just to be clear. But, reading on her, one of the first things I asked myself was: would she ever become this famous without all her excesses?   At the… View Article

  • Madonna celebrating Lempicka

      The artists’ success does not always come from a pompous article of an enlightened art critic. Sometime your artworks can become famous just because some VIPS love art – in particular your art. That’s the case of Tamara de Lempicka (take a look at her art here): she was already well-known in the field, but… View Article

  • GLU: no men allowed

      No men allowed.   During the last week I thought a lot on Tamara de Lempicka and her chicks. There is one thing I really love about her: how fearless she was on her unclear sexuality and her touch of class in refusing sex with famous writers and painters – as she did with Gabriele… View Article

  • Sex, Drugs and D’Annunzio

      If you grew up with the mantra of never judging a book from its cover, remember to apply it also to your Tinder fellows ‘cause the short delicate guy you may be looking at, could be an exaggerate sex master. Some sizes don’t matter after all and is definitely proof of this a great… View Article