• Reading suggestions: a girls’ sex mag

      Girls out there, I have a couple of questions for you. Have you ever watched a porn film? Have you ever diddled yourself? And most of all: why most of you are blushing at hearing this?   I don’t know how close you are with men’s sexuality – except for that part which strictly… View Article

  • The Leigh Bowery and Taboo “society”

      When it comes to talk about ambiguity and eccentricity in art and lifestyle, thousands are the names that could be done – even if Matthew Barney lavishly dominates the pole position.   Nowadays being a freak is so regular we need to use more frequently the words “mainstream” in antithesis to “underground” to look… View Article

  • Theresa got angry, firstly with God

      Theresa got angry. Yes, she got very angry and first of all with God.     Then with a lot of people: with the Ukraine Jewish who still loved God, with her religious husband but especially with his invisible spiritual guru, with her four sons Jamie, Benjamine, Lola and Fanny – conceived not for… View Article

  • My parents wrote a porno

    The follow article contains explicit sexual contents and a strong language, basically all the good stuff.   Have you ever thought what could happen if your dad wrote a porno book?     There are only two solutions: the first one is to reject your father, be ashamed for his perversions and delete him from… View Article

  • Cremaster as an erotic-artistic symbol

      This time we’ve overdone. We did NOT choose a painting or a sculpture, neither a contemporary installation. We will NOT tell the story of a sculptor, a filmmaker or an actor, but he is all of this. This is NOT cinema and neither video art, even if it’s a series of five feature-length films…. View Article

  • A week at the toilet

      Since it seems that bathrooms are the favourite location for girls’ sassy selfies – but nobody actually cares about toilets, we thought they deserved a revenge.   If you really think about it, WCs are the perfect place for meditation, and we are pretty sure that many of the important decisions of your life… View Article

  • The paradox of thy Punk Princess

      There is a kind of intrinsic common cultural heritage that pushes the elder generations to think crap of the newest and especially in the 70s people thought that the proper place for a specific slice of generation was the water closet. The 1970s, a golden age of freedom, disinhibition, creativity and innovation. The mid-70s,… View Article

  • Not just spotting trains

      If I hear “Trainspotting!”, my mind goes immediately to the past, during the theatre play at the last year of college, where my friend Tiziana and I decided to act the first and the last soliloquy of this film. In front of a thousand guys in the middle of their puberty, we tried to… View Article

  • Toilet’s meanings: Cattelan’s America

      We always work hard for you. This time, we put a lot of effort in choosing an artwork whose best definition may be “shitty” – and now you’re probably wondering why.   Well, we are going to talk about a toilet – an actual toilet, functioning and usable – but a particular one, and… View Article

  • Toilet Paper: a Cattelan’s magazine

      This time as main artwork we have chosen the toilet America of Maurizio Cattelan, and this artist has already thought about toilets and toilet paper years ago… Let me explain: I’m talking about ambiguity, sexual obsessions, morality, consumerism, violence and much more.   The Toilet Paper is a magazine created in 2010 by Maurizio Cattelan… View Article