• The twelves labors of an hipster

      Indie music, homemade beers, organic food, fixed-gear bicycles and vynils: hipster.   I tried to spend my week to keep togheter all my labors to become an hipster during this year, and the result wasn’t so good. To begin my experiment I wanted to understand who was the real origin of the hipsters, and what… View Article

  • Wild bad girls armed with sequins

      Do you really say <<WOW>> at the sight of these sassy boho girls that are invading your Instagram feeds with their grey, purple or tale dyed hair? Well, maybe yes but it ain’t because of their hair colour or of their “aesthetic rebellion”, but just because they’re pretty and good at posing (enjoy this… View Article

  • Jazz for your dead soul

    “You cry when you born and you rejoice when you die”.   This is what declaims the common proverb of black people in New Orleans.   This city is the deepest South of United States, in Lousiana, Atlantic Coast, one step away from Mexico. To imagine the origin of Jazz Funeral, you have to think… View Article

  • Most racist cartoon ever?

      I want to introduce you one of the most racist cartoon ever: Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat, directed and produced by Walter Lantz in 1941.   Talking about the collection Jazz by Matisse, we can’t ignore the musical reference. In America during the 1930s and 1940s jazz music and blues spread out more… View Article

  • Matisse plays Jazz

      Whether if you like it or not you have to admit that jazz is one of the most enthralling kind of music: swing and blue notes, frenzy, improvisation – all the elements needed for a good audience engagement. This is one of the reasons why Henri Matisse choose exactly Jazz as a title for the… View Article

  • Where every dualism is erotic

    “Who killed Laura Palmer?” This is the most famous sentence opening a TV series: Twin Peaks from David Lynch and Marc Frost. Two seasons and 30 episodes to discover who the murderer was. In a small village situated on the border between US and Canada, with a little bit more than 51.000 habitants, someone killed… View Article

  • Meet the alien, the Duke, the genius

      Daphne prefers to turn into a laurel oak rather than loving Apollo. Such a drastic decision makes me wonder about him: if living as a plant was better than living with him I presume he was the worst guy in the area. But history proves that changing isn’t always a bad idea and some… View Article

  • McQueen: an eternal Savage Beauty

      What is the aim of the human kind if not to transform into something else?   The primordial ooze of everything lies in metamorphosis, in the change of status. From the nature world, to mythology, to religion, to philosophy, to politics, to food, to fashion. It’s a Ouroboros. We are mere mortals and something… View Article

  • Body art: spiderman or spider?

      I know that there are some nerdies and comics lovers amoung us, and I imagine that when they understood this time our theme was the metamorphosis and trasformation, they immediately thought about Superheroes. So, this first part of the article is for you!   I did not choose a specific character, above all because… View Article

  • Apollo&Daphne – How to become a tree

      As the first artwork of this new year, we chose the marble sculpture Apollo and Daphne, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Why? Well, this statue is about an end and a beginning, death and rebirth, desire for change… sensations that lots of people feel when a new year is yet to start.     Apollo and… View Article