• Mad Max: the “burning” Fury road

    Lots of people noticed the similarities between Mad Max and the Burning Man festival: the setting in the desert, the totally psycho characters, the improbable cars, the creation of a word apart, etc…   I did not watch the first three films (with Mel Gibson), so I searched the trailer of Fury Road (which came… View Article

  • A bittersweet Dolce Vita

      While I was sitting in a bar, reading the Cahiers du Cinéma, drinking Barolo and listening to Aznavour, I found myself reflecting upon the Felliniesque cinema. The ground-breaking structures, the oneirism, the iconicity of the Dolce Vita… Hey, wait a moment, I’ve never seen it!   I feel the need to remedy and, with… View Article

  • Joe, oh Banana Joe!

        If you grew up in the wake of the 80’s or 90’s, in Italy or Germany, you surely will be part of the generational batch grown by fathers, uncles, cousins and grandparents, with a beans and knuckle sandwiches based diet.   If you belong to this elected dynasty you already know what I… View Article

  • Fendi Fashion Show @ Trevi Fountain

    These are the days of the fashion weeks and it was our duty to stick the nose into the most buzzed events going around. From July 7th to 10th Dolce&Gabbana made the thing in Naples to commemorate its 30-years-activity with its new A/W collection and the undisputed Italian cinema queen Sophia Loren, but our hawk… View Article

  • To peel a banana with Andy Warhol

      If you try asking someone in the street if he knows Andy Warhol, most likely he’ll answer something like: “Of course I know him! The weird artist with white hair who made those images all alike and coloured of Marilyn Monroe”. Right, can you blame him? Screenprints are the most famous artworks of this… View Article

  • The Floating Piers, Christo

    The recent Fendi fashion show in Rome remembered me another famous floating runway of this summer: Fendi models who walked on top of Trevi fountain maybe didn’t want queue for The Floating Piers? The last art project of Christo, an orange pier about 4 km long that allowed to walk on the water of the… View Article